One of the biggest ways the fitness industry has failed you is by making you leave the privacy, comfort, and convenience of your own home to pay for access to someone else’s space and equipment. For most people, there are simply too many obstacles in today’s fast-paced, modern world that will get in the way of you consistently making it to someone else’s gym.

This site is all about inspiring to you to build the home gym of YOUR dreams with:

- No BS

- No distractions

- No travel time back and forth

- No competing for space or equipment

- No stares from strangers or harassment from creepers

- AND no excuses to miss a training session!

Start small with the basics like a pair of dumbbells or some resistance bands. Then add a new piece of equipment every 3-4 months. In 3-4 years, you’ll have the best gym in your ‘hood.

If you want to make fitness a lifestyle, you need to empower yourself. Take control of your workouts. Take control of your space. And make more than just a home gym… make it a fucking EXPERIENCE that will make your friends and neighbors jealous!


About BJ

Known for his tragically deformed hamstrings, BJ Gaddour has made lemonade out of lemons by convincing people that they are made of muscle, NOT actually enormous benign tumors. 

BJ is a former fat guy turned cover model and the former fitness director for the Men's Health brand. You can follow him everywhere on social media @BJGaddour and access all of his programming at (#NotAPornSite). He lives with his wife and 2 boxers in Malibu, CA. And he loves fries.