The Best Legs Exercise You're NOT Doing!


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This is a killer split squats variation that has you pushing BACKWARDS as you come out of the hole. Beyond hammering your thighs and glutes, this unique training angle also carries over to all backward locomotion movements like a defensive back or linebacker backpedaling into pass coverage. It's also very knee-friendly!

I've shown 3 unique options. The first one is for ANYBODY as long as you have a barbell that you can place into the corner of a wall or into a landmine post. The other 2 involve investing in premium equipment that can enhance your training experience. 

OPTION 1- Barbell-Only (NO EXCUSES!)

OPTION  2- Purmotion WAR HAMMER attachment. Notice how it creates more space and separation from the bar and plates. It's also easier to hold on to and can easily attach to any barbell.

OPTION 3- Purmotion WISHBONE Attachment. It's like a Safety Squat Bar with swiveling handles that you can easily attach to any barbell.

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