The Best Hips Exercise You're NOT Doing!

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This move will help you tremendously with running, squatting, lunging, thrusting 🍆 and back & hip pain!

🧠Yes, the hip flexors are prone to getting tight due to all the sitting we do. So keep stretching them. But the only thing worse than a “tight” muscle is a “weak” muscle. And you can’t just train the glutes 🍑without giving those hip flexors some love ❤️ too. That’s like training triceps but no biceps💪🏼. Bad! Sad!

📝Strengthen your hip flexors with this move! Use one hand to brace yourself to provide just enough stability to continuously execute the movement through a full range of motion. I like sets of 45-90 seconds or 10-20 reps. Drive the foot of your support leg down into the Earth 🌏 and make sure to get your knee above hip level to properly engage your psoas muscles.

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