🤯Choose your work-to-rest ratio based on your loading selection or fitness level. Go 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off with heavier loads or for intermediate fitness levels. Go 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off with lighter loads or for advanced fitness levels. The 5th move is shown first FYI.

1. V-Sit Presses
2. Goblet Squat Hold
3. 1-Arm Side-Facing Rows- Left Side
4. 1-Arm Side-Facing Rows- Right Side
5. MMA High-Knee Strikes
6. Alternating Lateral Lunge Jumps
7. Jack Presses
8. Skater Jumps
9. Hinging Alternating Lunge Jumps
10. Clean & Press to Fingal's Fingers

📝That's 1 round. Perform a single round as a starter or finisher. Perform 2-4 rounds for a full-blown one-sided barbell workout that will melt your face off.

💡You can do this workout by placing any barbell into the corner of a wall or landmine post. But I highly recommended using the WAR HAMMER 🔨 attachment that you can quickly attach to any barbell to create more space and separation from the bar and plates. It's also more user-friendly for gripping and transitioning between hands. The only move I wouldn't do without the WAR HAMMER 🔨 attachment is the 10th and final move.

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