Bodyweight BBQ Workout


📝That's 1 round. Do 1-2 rounds as a starter or finisher. Do 3-5 rounds for a full-blown #LegDay!
🤯Perform each move as prescribed in the exact order below with little to no rest between moves:

1️⃣Monkey🐵Lunges @ 1 minute 
2️⃣Crab🦀Toe Touches @ 1 minute
3️⃣Lateral See-Saw Lunge- Left: 2 minutes 
4️⃣Lateral See-Saw Lunge- Right: 2 minutes 
5️⃣Alligator🐊Pushups: 60 seconds 
6️⃣Lunge Hops- Left: 30 seconds 
7️⃣Lunge Hops- Right: 30 seconds
8️⃣Donkey🐐Kick to Break-Dancer: 1 minute 
9️⃣Reverse Burpees @ 2 minutes ➖➖➖➖
📝Do 1 round as a starter or finisher. Do 2-4 rounds as a full workout, resting 1-2 minutes between rounds

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