My 13 Favorite Kettlebell Swings!

Kettlebell Swings are an amazing total body exercise to build power and develop the posterior chain: glutes, hamstrings, and back. They are also proven in studies to create a similar cardio and metabolic response as running without as much stress on the joints.

🤯Here are my 13 favorite swing variations. Skier ⛷ Swings are shown first FYI:

1. 2-Arm/Russian 🇷🇺 Swings
2. Skier ⛷ Swings
3. 1-Arm Swings
4. Hand-To-Hand Swings
5. Walking Swings
6. Shuffle Swings
7. 🇺🇸American/Overhead Swings
8. Swing to Sit
9. Band-Resisted Swings
10. Uphill Walking Swings
11. Uphill Shuffle Swings
12. Band-Resisted Swings (Hips-Attached)
13. Lateral Band-Resisted Swings (Hips-Attached)

📝I love mixing between any combination of these exercises for 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest for anywhere from 10-20 minutes.



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My 16 Favorite Pullups!

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🌋Build a beautiful back with these 16 pullup variations! The first 3 variations almost anybody can do. But they get harder as the list expands so there's something for everyone, baby!

1. Australian 🇦🇺 Pullups (Inverted Row)
2. Self-Assisted
3. Band-Assited
4. Chinups (Underhand-Grip)
5. Hammer-Grip Pullups (Neutral)
6. Pullups (Overhand-Grop
7. Hollow-Body Pullups
8. Close-Grip
9. Wide-Grip
10. Band-Resisted
11. Weighted
12. Mixed-Grip
13. Towel-Grip
14. Self-Assisted 1-Arm Pullups
15. Spider Pullups
16. Side-To-Side

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My 10 Favorite Rows!

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🧠Brighter minds than me like Dr. John Rusin recommend doing 2-3x as much rowing (horizontal pulling) as pullups/pulldowns (vertical pulling) for shoulder health and performance. Here are 10 of my favorite ways to get that ✅done. I like sets of 8-15 reps for most rows, but of course will go lower and higher rep on occasion. Use all the tools and all the angles to get all dem GAINZZZZZZZZ! 

1. ONNIT KETTLEBELL 🦍Gorilla Rows*
2. Chest-Supported Rows
3. PURMOTION AIRFIT Rotational Rows*
4. Parallel Bar LEBERT EQUALIZERS Rows*
5. FREE-BAND Bent-Over Rows
6. CROSS-OVER Band/Cable Rows
7. ULTIMATE SANDBAG 2:1 Rows to Curl
8. 1-Arm Landmine Rows with WAR HAMMER ATTACHMENT*
9. Hammer-Grip MULTI-GRIP/SWISS BAR Bent-Over Rows*

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