🤯Don't skip leg day, son! Do any combination of these 10 muscle moves to become QUADZILLA! The quads are most active on knee extension and hip flexion movements. So any squatting or lunging (and leg/knee raises) will target the quads. But these are my 10 favorite quad-builders that are also easy on the knees and back and great for home gym setups. MOVE 2 is shown first FYI!

1. Quad/Close-Stance Bulgarian Split Squats
2. 1-Arm Ipsilateral X-Band Bulgarian Split Squats
3. Extended Bulgarian Split Squats
4. Bandbell Bulgarian Split Squats
5. Goblet Squats (+ Double X-Band)
6. Band-Resisted Forward Lunges
7. Heels-Elevated Squats
8. Band Sissy Squats 
9. Self-Assisted Single-Leg Squats
10. Landmine WISHBONE Hack Squat (Get 10% off with coupon code: TheDailyBJ)

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📝HONORABLE MENTIONS: I also really like biking/cycling, sled pushes, backward sled walking/dragging, backward uphill walking, and leg extensions for quad development.

🧠The quads have a healthy mix of slow and fast-twitch muscle fibers so be sure to use all loads and all rep ranges for max gainz. That being said, I would set a minimum goal of 30-60 seconds of time-under-tension per set if your goal is strictly muscle gain. I even do sets of 1-2+ minutes at a time for serious pump and burn and metabolic stress. I find these protocols not only lead to more muscle gain and less joint stress, but they also bulletproof the joints and prepare your body for small doses of heavier work. It's all about longevity, baby!

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My 16 Favorite Pullups!

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🌋Build a beautiful back with these 16 pullup variations! The first 3 variations almost anybody can do. But they get harder as the list expands so there's something for everyone, baby!

1. Australian 🇦🇺 Pullups (Inverted Row)
2. Self-Assisted
3. Band-Assited
4. Chinups (Underhand-Grip)
5. Hammer-Grip Pullups (Neutral)
6. Pullups (Overhand-Grop
7. Hollow-Body Pullups
8. Close-Grip
9. Wide-Grip
10. Band-Resisted
11. Weighted
12. Mixed-Grip
13. Towel-Grip
14. Self-Assisted 1-Arm Pullups
15. Spider Pullups
16. Side-To-Side

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Top 10 Bodyweight Strength Training Exercises

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Yes, there are other moves but these are the ones that normal humans can do. Pistols, muscle-ups, levers, and planches are for aliens 👽. There are 5 upper body and 5 lower body moves. Alternate between the upper and lower body moves to minimize rest periods and get more done in less time, unless you prefer an upper and lower body day separately. In that case, alternate push and pull moves or left side/right side.

 I'm also using a slow and controlled tempo which is ideal for building strength and muscle mass, especially with bodyweight-only exercises. You can make these moves harder by adding a weight vest or dumbbells where applicable. You can also utilize body angle and leverage progressions as outlined in my book YOUR BODY IS YOUR BARBELL available on Amazon.

1. Extended Pike Pushups

2. Stepups

3. Inverted Rows

4. Bulgarian Split Squats

5. Extended Pushups

6. Bulgarian Hip-Hinges

7. Chinups

8. 1-Leg Hip Thrusts

9. Dips

10. 1-Leg Box Squats

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