💪🏼Here's an excellent protocol to rip up your rear delts, muscle-up your upper back, and improve posture and performance on nearly every exercises. Perform each move for 10 reps followed by a 10-second hold with little to no rest between moves:

1. Overhand-grip reverse fly
2. Overhand-grip low reverse fly (⬆️arrow-position)
3. Hammer-grip reverse fly

🤯That's 1 round. Do 3-5 rounds. If doing straight sets of this, rest 1-2 minutes between rounds. Otherwise pair it with one or more non-competitive exercises that work different areas of your body.

📝Do this as a starter or finisher or on off-days for active recovery. You can also do it as a filler between sets of presses, dips, pushups, etc. Flooding the upper back with blood can actually improve stability and ultimately performance on moves like heavy presses so it makes a lot of sense to pair them with this rear delt complex.

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