Lethal Landmine Circuit!

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Place a barbell into the corner of a wall or landmine post and use the other side for the best and safest fat-burning barbell workout off your life! The 9th move is shown first one shown in the video above FYI. Perform each move for 25 seconds of work with 5 seconds of rest between moves:

1. 1-Arm Split Jerks- Left Side

2. 1-Arm Split Jerks- Right Side

3. 1-Arm Rotational Cleans- Left Side

4. 1-Arm Rotational Cleans- Right Side

5. Offset Alternating Reverse Lunges- Left Side

6. Offset Alternating Reverse Lunges- Right Side

7. Grappler's Hip Toss

8. Weighted Jumps

9. Shuffle Presses

10. Thrusters

You can use any barbell place into a corner of a wall or landmine post. I prefer to add the WAR HAMMER barbell attachment to create more space and separation from the barbell and plates. Get 10% off this attachment and all Purmotion products with my coupon code: