🤯If you hate traditional cardio or detest logging endless miles on the treadmill, mix it up with this 10-move resistance band training circuit. Not only is this sequence a lot more fun, but all of the stop and go and change of direction will turbocharge your metabolism, bulletproof your lower body, and make you more athletic. These drills are straight money in the metabolic bank for court and field sports like football, tennis, soccer and basketball.

📝Perform each move for 60 seconds of work with 30 seconds of rest between moves. Move 3 is shown first FYI:

1. Bear Crawl
2. Running in Place
3. Lateral Bear Crawl (30 seconds/side)
4. Lateral Lunges (30 seconds/side)
5. Alternating Reverse Lunges
6. Alternating Forward Lunges 
7. Shuffles (30 seconds/side)
8. Bound to Backward Hops
9. Skater Jumps (30 seconds/side)
10. Backpedals (30 seconds/side)

✅That's 1 round. Do 1 round as a starter or finisher, a quickie, or for active recovery. Do 2-3 rounds for a full workout, resting 2-3 minutes between rounds.

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Lethal Landmine Circuit!

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Place a barbell into the corner of a wall or landmine post and use the other side for the best and safest fat-burning barbell workout off your life! The 9th move is shown first one shown in the video above FYI. Perform each move for 25 seconds of work with 5 seconds of rest between moves:

1. 1-Arm Split Jerks- Left Side

2. 1-Arm Split Jerks- Right Side

3. 1-Arm Rotational Cleans- Left Side

4. 1-Arm Rotational Cleans- Right Side

5. Offset Alternating Reverse Lunges- Left Side

6. Offset Alternating Reverse Lunges- Right Side

7. Grappler's Hip Toss

8. Weighted Jumps

9. Shuffle Presses

10. Thrusters

You can use any barbell place into a corner of a wall or landmine post. I prefer to add the WAR HAMMER barbell attachment to create more space and separation from the barbell and plates. Get 10% off this attachment and all Purmotion products with my coupon code:


Top 10 Bodyweight Strength Training Exercises

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Yes, there are other moves but these are the ones that normal humans can do. Pistols, muscle-ups, levers, and planches are for aliens 👽. There are 5 upper body and 5 lower body moves. Alternate between the upper and lower body moves to minimize rest periods and get more done in less time, unless you prefer an upper and lower body day separately. In that case, alternate push and pull moves or left side/right side.

 I'm also using a slow and controlled tempo which is ideal for building strength and muscle mass, especially with bodyweight-only exercises. You can make these moves harder by adding a weight vest or dumbbells where applicable. You can also utilize body angle and leverage progressions as outlined in my book YOUR BODY IS YOUR BARBELL available on Amazon.

1. Extended Pike Pushups

2. Stepups

3. Inverted Rows

4. Bulgarian Split Squats

5. Extended Pushups

6. Bulgarian Hip-Hinges

7. Chinups

8. 1-Leg Hip Thrusts

9. Dips

10. 1-Leg Box Squats

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