FACT: I’ve gotten in at least 1 workout/week I would have missed or delayed because of having a home gym option at my disposal.

That’s 52 workouts per year. And that’s 520 workouts over the course of a decade. Talk about snowballin' dem GAINZ!

Building my #GardenOfGainz is a 15-year dream come true. But I didn’t always have access to all of this great equipment.

My home gym started very modestly back in the day... a pair of dumbbells, some bands, and a kettlebell. Every 3-6 months I saved up and looked to add a cool new training tool to my arsenal. If you adopt this approach and make a long-term investment into a home gym option, in 3-6 years you’ll end up with the best home gym in your 'hood. And you’ll never have an excuse to miss a training session.

I really want to inspire you to create your own fitness sanctuary in the privacy and comfort of your own home, whether it’s in your living room, basement, or backyard. I want you to think big and set a long-term plan to BYO #GardenOfGainz! It should have your own unique stamp on it with cool  decor and your personality jizzed all over the place. Make it your happy place.

Yes, you can still go to a gym if you want, but at least you'll have a solid backup option in place. And to me, this is what fitness is all about. There's no dealing with the BS and distractions of public gyms. It’s just you and your toys putting in work (preferably under the sun). It’s such a f-ing game-changer, baby! Trust me- you won't regret it. 

Please post your own home gym progress and updates on Instagram with the hashtag #GardenOfGainz for all of us - myself included - to get fitspo from!

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