My 10 Favorite Biceps Exercises

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1. Flexed-Arm πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ Farmer's Walks/Carries
2. Close-Grip Chinups
3. PURMOTION Swiss/Multi-Grip Bar Hammer πŸ”¨ Curls
4. Twisting Biceps Curls
5. Bandbell Standing Biceps Curls
6. Bent-Over Biceps Curls
7.  E-Z Curls + Band Tension
8. BAND/Cable Hinge Curls
9. PURMOTION AIRFIT Bodyweight Biceps Curls
10. BAND Hammer πŸ”¨ Curls

🧠First and foremost, the chinup is the undisputed king of biceps ⚾️ builders! I also like keeping most of my reps in the 8 to 15-rep range (or 30-60 second work period) for biceps training. But I also tap into some lower-rep work for compound, multi-joint moves like chinups and straight bar curls. And I definitely utilize some super high-rep work (1-2+ minute work periods) with band/cable and dumbbell variations for precious pumps πŸ”₯ and metabolic stress. Remember- the research πŸ”¬ into hypertrophy (muscle gain) shows us 2 key πŸ”‘ things:

1️⃣For best results and max gainz, use ALL rep ranges.

2️⃣The muscle gain (NOT strength) stimulus is similar between heavier and lighter loads as long as you are training close to failure.

🀯So you use all rep ranges, loads, training tools, angles, variations, etc. for max GAINZZZZZ!

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